Can Microsoft afford to not buy Spotify?

Music, a super important part of most human beings life, some say the secret sauce that helped Apple become so engrained on peoples lives, has been vastly mismanaged on the Microsoft side.

It is not that Microsoft does not recognize the value of having a great Music platform, it does, but the solutions Microsoft has for the Music problem has not worked so far. Microsoft has created great music services like the now defunct Zune Marketplace, however, bad business decisions send it straight to the grave.

Xbox music now, is supposed to be Zune made the right way, but we all know the pain and struggle that the Xbox Music services has gone trough, and despite Microsoft great efforts to make it a success, it has failed to match well established and valued services like Spotify and been honest, will never do.

Apple, unlike Microsoft was quick to take action and bought Beats, a nascent but reputable music brand after about a year trying its own solution to problem. Google on the other hands is rumored to be ready to ditch its home grown music service in favor of one of the current well established brands like Spotify.

What will Microsoft do?, its the big question, music is probably the only mayor customer experience component that Microsoft has good chances of catching up. Will Microsoft let Google get yet an other win on customers minds and hearts like it did with Youtube?