Did I Make the right choice? (in Your opinion of course)

Saturday my wife and I decided to buy an entry level DSLR. We have a baby coming in Late July and it at least let me justify the purchase (to her).

We Ended up getting a Canon SL1 (body and 18-55mm Kit) plus a 75-300mm lens (was only 49$ on sale) for around 600$ plus tax.

We chose it because it shoots video pretty well with auto focus and is very light weight and small.

That said, I then saw (after purchase) a Nikon D3200 kit for 50$ cheaper that included a Nikon bag, 18-55mm lens and 50-200mm lens.

Us being novices ( i did own a super Zoom Sony HX100v and a Mirrorless Sony Cx-3) do you think we made the right choice?

What would you choose ?