Looks like Apple's changing the Finder icon once again.

One of the most common complaints about OS X Yosemite that I've seen is that the Finder icon seems too happy. Apple's website had this icon on the page for OS X Yosemite; however, I look at it again and there is a new icon. It looks a little more like the old icon and it doesn't seem so happy anymore.

Heres the Mavericks and current Yosemite icon…


via www.iavengers.com

And on Apple's website there is a new Finder icon in the dock. It looks a lot more like the Mavericks one but with Yosemite's colors.


via images.apple.com

It's not very easy to see on this page but you can go to the Design page for Yosemite and see the icon magnified with the magnifying glass on the site. It definitely is a fusion between the two icons.

So is Apple actually listening to its users about icon design? Post your opinion below.