Aviate Launcher Mockup

I love Aviate launcher. Since experiencing the auto-categorization features I haven't been able to use the stock experience at all. It's just too convenient and productive to be able to find any frequently used app based on their category. With that said, Aviate is still in "beta" and has some quirks/issues that should be addressed. It's not the most critical flaw, but what does bother me the most is that on devices with on-screen buttons Aviate has the usual black navigation and notification bars that stick out like a sore thumb on an otherwise clean and simple background.

I've already sent in a suggestion to the Aviate team about my idea, but I thought I'd whip up a quick concept of what Aviate might look like without navigation bars.


I used a Nexus 5 template from here and simply modified a screenshot of my own Nexus 5. I'm not any sort of designer or anything, so I hope you'll realize that my concept is just meant to communicate the idea. Personally, I would love if Aviate looked something like this. In practical terms, I'm not sure exactly how this can be done because the system notification and nav. bars are, as far as I understand, controlled on the system-level. I know immersive mode (like on the Google Now launcher) can activate transparency which could work well on top of a white background.

Any thoughts on this idea? Does this bother anybody else? Any alternative ideas?