iPad vs PC

I'm saving up money, I have like 800€, but I may reach 1000€ by the end of the month, but that in PC or Mac money isn't very much. Gaming laptops on that range aren't full HD, or they haven't got SSDs or even Windows included, or they havent powerfull chipsets or graphic cards, and Macbook air is no gaming laptop, and I've been thinking, what if I bought an iPad, i would have money to buy any model I want, I would be extremely portable to take it and be able use much more hours than a standard notebook, I would give much less headaches concerning antivirus, slow storage, etc...

But i wouldn 't be able to play the latest pc games, and I think, "Is that bad if I play Civ revolution instead of Civ 5?", I think it would make a difference and I would buy civ 5 anyway and play it in my mother's laptop. But I don't know I'm undecided and desapponted with the state of the art 900€ laptops.

So it's just an option to consider, if i get more money i could be able to buy a really great PC, and I wouldn't be as mad because i can t play civ 5. So I want to know the next few thing about the iPad:

1- What is the cheapest way to edit office documents on it withou having to buy office 365

2- How is the gaming situation on the iPad( from a pc or console gamer perspective)

3- How much storage would I need, and which iPad suits me best

4- What acessories should I get and apps

5- Am I am going to miss a regular computer

notes: my father as an ipad and my stepmother too, i think we can use family sharing then, my phone is a low end android phone in which I invested 12€, my computer is an old thinkpad from 2007 with windows xp, and it is performing badly, my mother has an more less computer from 2009-10, i have an ps3