iOS RSS and google now and iTunes

Just some quick questions / observations.

1. Safari iOS is going to have an RSS reader type thing in it that links to the twitter links channel. Apart from the current UI being a bit naff on old safari, if they make it more smooth then is anyone else planning like me to replace feedly.

[Main reason for getting fed up with feedly is the current heavy influx of promoted and pushed articles that are completely off topic relative to my reading habits.]

2. Also I just was wondering whether the iOS 8 notification widgets will likely / might make using google now any more palatable. I have been wavering between gmail and iCloud but have always found google now sync on iphen a bit useless. Perhaps it is just not great for my usage model, but I wonder whether more interactive notifications widget would make it a reasonable deal.

[that being said I am still considering bringing iCloud back as my daily driver email service. not sure that i get enough back from google to warrant them having my info]

3. does anyone feel it likely that iTunes will get the radical overhaul it so desperately needs with yosemite? Again this is another reason that I keep wondering about moving in a google / android direction, because the iTunes interface is just so terrible in my opinion.

Anyway. Just some thoughts. No need to start a war about anything said here. Just honest tech musings. Peace.