Comment deletion policy?

I posted a fairly non-trollish and innocuous but critical comment in this post today morning and it has been deleted now. Won't lose my sleep over it but wondering why as it appears inexplicable to me and would avoid in future.

The comment was like (non verbatim):

I like John Oliver's show but recently Verge and Vox has become like an unofficial Youtube feed of John Oliver's show. Believe have seen posts here after almost every episode.

I know that if I don't like it it, I don't have to read the post.

It is critical of Verge and may be I shouldn't have said that Verge is an unofficial feed of the show but I've seen more outright trollish comments going into endless arguments. And don't think I breached the community guidelines.

Sean/Mods, if you think I'm circumventing the moderation by posting the same comment here, please do delete the post.