The problem with Android Wear: No killer must have feature

At it's best, Android Wear is nothing more than a notification drawer slapped onto your wrist, coupled with a couple of Google Now cards. That's it. Everything about it derives entirely from your smartphone, not just it's ability to connect to a network, but also the very information it presents, the actions you can take, the visuals you see and the content as well.

Besides an alleged convenience to quickly see notifications without having to take out your phone (I say alleged, because it is a very subjective thing), Wear does't really offers anything of value to the user; it doesn't introduces any sort of killer feature that would make a person go "wow, I really would like that!".

This is why even tech review sites such as this one are left pondering the question "what is this for?".. The fact that the question even pops up in such circles shows that Wear doesn't really answers any particular need and as such, it is something that won't reach any kind of mass appeal.