Android L: Arstechnica's Tests Show 2hrs of Battery Improvement

Apparently Android L's "Project Volta" has made a dramatic difference to Android's battery life overall. Arstechica has constructed a battery test, and the results show a drastic improvement.

Thirty-six percent more battery life. Installing the L preview on our Nexus 5 gave us two extra hours of runtime. These tests were done on a beat up, daily-driver phone, so the final numbers aren't necessarily indicative of what the L preview could achieve on a new device. It's the difference that matters.

Android L also has a "battery saver" feature that lowers the device performance and cuts the background data and screen brightness when the device hits 15-percent battery, but we disabled this feature for our tests. We like to have our devices at full power, and we don't want a hyper-aggressive phone-crippling feature messing with our results. Presumably, you could gain even more runtime by turning the battery saver on. This test is more about the general under-the-hood improvements that are running all the time.

This is just an early look at Android L's battery life. The current release is a "developer preview," but Google has already been able to make a meaningful difference in the runtime of L devices. Some of the new power-saving features, like the job scheduler, require app support, so there's probably room to improve not only in the OS but in Google's bundled apps, too. By the time the final version of L comes out, things could be even better. Google definitely looks to be on the right track.