Want a cheap phone with good screen? Android is (unfortunately) your only choice

Don't get me wrong - I'm not a spec whore. I don't mind 512 MB RAM and 2-core SoC as long as user experience is nice. And WP is much smoother on low specs than Android. But there's one thing. SCREEN. You can't cheat on that. 720p is better than 480p and the difference is big.

What's my problem? My parents asked me about phone recommendations. And what they want? Cheap phone with medium-to-big good screen. I own two WP phones but I can't recommend them anything from WP line over Nexus 4 or Moto G.

Microsoft, please live up to the expectations and bring better hardware to the low end. Motorola and Google/LG shown it's possible. Am I overreacting and the screen resolution is not that important? I understand market segmentation but I still expect 720p to be a standard in 2014. What I get? 480p, 512 MB RAM Lumias which are upgrades to... 480p, 512 MB RAM Lumias from 2013.

Bottom line? Sometimes it's not about ecosystem wars but about pure hardware. A lot of room for improvement for WP in low end.