Does the iPhone 5.5" really exist? I say no.

I am generally very skeptical about rumors, but the leaked pictures and parts from the last few weeks seem very convincing to me. I think by now, we have a pretty clear picture of how the iPhone 6 will look. But one thing all leaks have in common: they only show a device with a screen size of approximately 4.7"

I actually believe that Apple has never planned to release a 5.5" device (this year). It has always been a made-up rumor which has become so popular that even newspapers and serious publications keep repeating it.

While many people are claiming that Apple is missing its chance in the phablet-market, it has never been proven that this market really exists in a meaningful way. And as we all know, Apple rarely seem to care what their competitors or analysts say they should be doing.

Apple will have a great and diverse lineup this fall even without a "phablet" device:

  • iPhone 5c: still very capable and better than most mid-range Android handsets. Will be down to 0.- on contract
  • iPhone 5s: still among the fastest devices out there. Great hardware, prepared for years to come.
  • iPhone 6: it will have some killer hardware, surpassing anything available right now. With a 4.7" screen it will be great for both upgraders and switchers, for many of whom the current screen size of 4" is the only argument against an iPhone

TL;DR: there won't be a 5.5" iPhone in September.