The Brother and Beast Gaming Podcast

Hey guys and gals,

Me and my friends have just started a gaming podcast on YouTube. It's pretty fun and I didn't realise going into it how much of my time it takes to edit a damn video that is an hour long! But it's fun never the less.

It'd be sweet if you guys could check it out, enjoy it and give us some feedback.

Every week the 4 of us gather round my house and we talk about the gaming news from the week, we make fun of each other, we make fun of ourselves and ultimately we have an awesome time. We are quite a variety of gamers too, from the casual gamer to the hardcore so you get a good round of opinions on topics.

Anyway, there's the link, we'd love some feedback and some questions about anything gaming related to bring up on the podcast. It would mean a lot to us.

Blah blah blah

Check it out.