OSX user and an Animation, art or design enthusiast? Help spread the word?

*If this is against the forum rules, i apologise, though this is not self promotion and I checked the rules for any other offences.

Hi guys, I wanted to bring your attention to an Indiegogo project that I'm really eager to see succeed, I'm sure there are art and animation enthusiasts among Apple Core (and the whole of Verge forums no doubt), so I thought this might be appropriate.

Anyway - animator and software developer Niels Mortensen is aiming to create a dedicated, affordable and powerful piece of animation software for OSX (which is why Im posting this here) called 'Animation Paper'. The App is to be for enthusiast and professional alike and is designed to be lightweight and workflow friendly, playing nice with Photoshop and After Effects etc, focusing purely on the act of animating.


I'm rooting hard for this product because its successful creation and release could really mean a lot to the animation industry in the way of allowing people to play with the concept of 2D animation from an affordable and early stage in their lives. Countless of people became artists because Photoshop was so easily attainable. Yet animation has no parallel, many animators like myself end up studying animation in a dedicated manner for the first time when we reach university, as opposed to illustration, which we casually practice throughout our lives.

With Animation Paper's status as affordable, straightforward and lightweight, i think its success could contribute to a lot of people discovering an aptitude for animation early on within their lives. Which can only be a good thing, as well as schools and universities having a far more reasonable alternative to teaching students how to animate, many art schools do not simply due to lack of resources and facilities, and i think this could help on that front. Other than Flash, which is far from ideal, there is no immediately affordable dedicated animation application. Photoshop for animation is too clunky for beginners and intermediates, Toonboom, being vector based is very restrictive, among other things. TVPaint is grossly expensive and bloated etc.

So if any of you are interested in the idea of this campaign, please help out! Or at least, share it please? Thanks guys :)