Screen Casting....Finally. Looking back on Google Cast

So finally all the waiting and failed promises of Miracast we have screen casting on Android. Now those of us who are familiar knew how long Android users have been wanting this for a while. We all thought the solution would be Miracast the thing that would be the silent killer feature. I even wrote a post in 2012 being very bullish on how Miracast will be that Killer Featire. Yes....I basically said

  1. Smart TVs will start the Miracast-Ready movement...WRONG
  2. SetTop Devices (Roku, Google TV, etc..) will additionally offer Miracast-Ready support...SO WRONG
  3. Cable Boxes (Fios, TWC, Xfinity) will offer Miracast-Ready boxes offering integrated use with their current smartphone and Tablet apps....Completely WRONG

Anyway I like to hope for the best. Moving forward we all know Google Cast came a long in July of 2013. Yes folks it has been less than a year and sooo much have happened since then. I wrote a short post on that also asking, What people wanted to see implemented with the Google Cast API.
So just to go through here on some of the items people initially wanted. I've crossed out the items that now have official Cast Support.

  1. Google TV - The next Google TV update should have Google Cast built in. To allow Google TV to act as a receiver.
  2. Plex
  3. Amazon Video On Demand (Never Going to Happen)
  4. Hulu
  5. HBO Go
  6. Comcast On Demand
  7. Pokemon TV
  8. BBC iPlayer
  9. NFL Sunday Ticket
  10. VLC (Coming Soon)
  11. Google Drive Presentations
  12. Google Plus Photos
  13. Pocket Cast

When Chromecast first came out it had support for no more than a handful of apps Netflix, Pandora, Youtube, Play Music, Play TV and a few others, with no screen mirroring. Fast forward to now Chromecast has 204 Apps in the Play Store, and now supports Screen Mirroring from select Android devices (hopefully more to come soon).

The Screen Casting feature is now to me major. It may not be the Miracast we all expected, but who cares. With the addition of Android TV coming in the fall with console quality (PS2) gaming support, I do think Google's 2nd phased approach to the living room, might actually be on point.

Here is an Android Police Hands on with the Screen Mirroring Feature