I need some help with a computer decision

Hey guys! My first post here as I'm typing by clicking each letter one-by-one on the Windows 7 Virtual Keyboard using only my trackpad. Tedious and not fun at all. My 2 and a half HP DV6T quad's screen busted for the second time today and the first repair cost me a little over $200 (keep in mind the laptop overall cost about 900). In trying to repair it today by myself because I thought something was just disconnected, I broke the keyboard while also not having any success with the screen. So, basically this thing is wrecked and I need some opinions. I've wanted to try Mac's for awhile now but the price has always kept me away. I'm stuck in a bind. I cannot envision a repair costing less than 200 (I would want to do it through HP this time), a new PC would cost probably around 900, and a Macbook that is not Air way more. What would you guys suggest ? Thanks !