WP81 usability issues


I've been using WP81 since its dev pre release and WP in general since the release of WP7. I am concerned about a few usability issues I've seen over the past few years that have still not been addressed.

I was wondering if you guys have a solution for the issues or any issues that you may want to share

1. Why the h**l cant I attach a non-media attachment into my mail when I am replying or creating a new mail without going through the "share" route?

2. What's the deal with no visual cues in the settings? This is so totally annoying.

3. If a user has multiple mobile numbers, in the messaging app, there is no way to distinguish the number from which (or to which) a message has been received/sent.

4. Why isn't there a decent time keeping app (Alarm/Stopwatch/countdown...) built into the OS?

5 Skype... although its better than how it was in WP8, its still lacks integration!