1981 was a great year for cinema. Just take a look at the most popular films released then: Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Evil Dead, Escape from New York, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, to name a few. But often overlooked is the cult classic Scanners, gore-master David Cronenberg's breakout film about psychic warriors.

That shouldn't be the case anymore. Scanners is getting a beautiful new home edition (Blu-ray, DVD, and iTunes) from the Criterion Collection, complete with all new, mind-blowing box art from illustrator Connor Willumsen. Willumsen says that each illustration is a collage of several different pencil drawings. The artist was inspired by photography tropes, cubism, and the film itself. "The movie's fundamental premise is that some people have the ability to overlap their nervous systems remotely and can therefore share all of their experience and feeling simultaneously," Willumsen explains. "The idea seemed appropriate and natural."