Reasons to buy Surface Pro 3 instead of anything else

(full disclosure - I posted this at the bottom of another thread, and spent a little time writing it, so thought id create my own thread)My primary reason to buy Surface Pro 3...........(note: waiting for the i7 version) is that it, CAN function, and take the place of every other tech device you own with the exception of your phone or smartwatch (which I am not convinced is ready for mass adoption as of yet)

- Its a Tablet: and a damn good one at that…..12" (larger), higher def. screen than the competition, with a good selection of tablet applications (still slightly lacking, but for the most part, not a bad experience at all). It has Micro SD slot (not on ipad), it has full USB port (not on any other tablet OS), compatibility / drivers for any device / printer basically ever made, and don’t forget the the amazing superslim keyboard cover, and kickstand. To me, the few apps that people complain about for not being there, which so happen to be available through the browser (pin to start, and you have an app btw) should not diminish the fact that this is a fully functioning tablet with robust features that no other tablet on the market has.

- Its a Laptop: Yes, this is a fully functioning laptop as well. Its the thinnest, lightest, full X64 touchscreen laptop ever made. It has a sexy industrial design, and is more portable than anything else. I don’t get the complaints about the keyboard and trackpad – Trackpads are and will always be aweful ways to navigate desktop operating systems. Using your finger and the touchmouse pointer application is a far better option in my opinion than a trackpad. Even Mac Trackpads, which people consider the ", un" industry standard, are painful to use at best. I am an architect, and using anything other than a mouse to navigate through my graphical software (AutoCAD, Revit, Rhinoceros, Sketchup, Photoshop, Illustrator) is painful. If your doing real work, whether it be production, graphics, etc. a mouse will always be better and more precise method. Oh yea, the fact that no other mobile OS will allow me to install the software mentioned above is a huge dealbreaker. I have an Ipad, haven’t touched it since windows 8 tablets were introduced. It is a toy in comparison, and it is literally used as one, as my 4yr old son has now take it over.

- Its a Desktop Replacement…………ya, no other tablet can even come close. You don’t even have to pony up the 200$ for the docking station (that thing looks pretty nice though), you could spend as little as 50$ on a USB docking station that has every input method you would need in order to make your Surface Pro into a fully functioning desktop computer – it runs everything, and can connect to multiple displays and run multiple desktop applications, and modern UI applications at the same time. One of these days, MS will find a way to make external GPU’s integrated into the docking stations. That day will truly signal the end of the PC as we know it. Until then a Core i7 processor with HD5000 graphics integrated is good enough for everthing except the most stringent use case, which prob only a small 2% of PC users out there would need – the rendering, CGI, Video Editing people that need a lot of horsepower in the GPU. For everyone else, myself included (and I use some serious software, I just don’t do renderings) the Core i5/7 chipset is more than sufficient. I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro, with an Atom chip and only 2gb of ram, and it can handle some pretty complex models in Sketchup, AutoCAD without even a hiccup.

- Its a PC Gaming Console (yes, I know no dedicated GPU, but its still light years better than an IOS or Android set top console)…….ya, what about it…….well, we all know that Android and IOS have some serious games available on them. But what most don’t know, is that the Surface Pro 3 has literally every game ever made available. Yes, every emulator, PS2, XBOX, SNES, NES, Genesis, etc. have emulators that run on Windows. Not to mention that Steam games will for the most part run really well. The older games, from a few years ago will run really well, with medium -high graphic settings. The newer super graphic intense games will run on low graphics – but even on low, these games still have stellar graphics, and are fully featured PC games that the Ipads and Android tablets of the world could only dream of running. Oh yea, you can also connect your Surface to an external display/TV, and use an XBOX controller.

In Summary (yes, sorry for the long rant).....reading all of the homers on every tech site claim that their ipads and android tablets are better than a surface is just comical. I suggest you all put your money where your mouth is, and buy one, try it for yourself – give it a 30 day trial – MS will take it back if you really don’t like it, but I bet 90% of the people that give it a 30 day trial, will wind up keeping it. Windows 8.1.1 has its quirks, and some people just wont get the dual mode OS, but to me, and any other power user out there, its literally what we wanted. Using Android or Ipad was always a compromise, you could play with it, and do some stuff that resembled real productivity, but in the end, it just wasn't a true Work + Pleasure device that the surface is.