Did I spend twice as much over a Windows Notebook on a disposable piece of eye candy?

When I first bought my MacBook Pro back in February of 2011 I had heard wonders of Apples service and the way they were different to other computer manufacturers. I was straight off the boat of buying my iPhone 4 and fell in love with the way things just worked in the Apple ecosystem. It was different to anything else I had used before. Being very interested in video editing and audio production I jumped ship after playing in the Apple store for a few weeks and bought a fully loaded 17" MacBook Pro with all the extras. I loved this computer and it served me well. Until it didn’t. My purchase that day in the Apple store set me back over $4000. In contrast, the computer I am writing this rant on cost under $700 and is nearly two years older. This Asus laptop has been through tumbles, severe falls, and bits of it have fallen off and are no longer with us. It still works as good as the day my partner purchased it though.

My 5 times as expensive MacBook Pro on the other hand, was treated with much more care. It has received one minor bump in it’s lifespan and has always been kept inside a secure case. I feel like my partner’s Asus laptop is still serving us faithfully after it’s years of torment. My MacBook Pro just checked out without so much as a see you later a few months after its apple care expired and left us with a large repair bill.

After spending this tremendous amount of money on what was meant to be a dream workhorse, a luxury machine, my repair bill is larger than the cost of this Windows laptop which has lasted longer. Even if my Windows PC DOES fail ,and no one can deny that Apple has better build quality, I can replace it multiple times over without even approaching the cost of an Apple notebook, by the end of it I’ll have a much newer machine too!

I feel quite taken advantage of to be honest. All this money on a top of the line machine with extra product care and I’m far worse off than if I’d purchased a $700 notebook. Or two of them. Maybe one for under the fridge as well.

Why should I continue to be a loyal Apple Customer? Sure, it was lovely while it lasted. A Windows machine would have been too, and I’d still be able to use it or it’s replacement now. Did I spend twice as much money on a disposable piece of eye candy?

Do I expect Apple to just replace my machine months after the warranty has expired? No, I don’t think so. But this is a manufacturing issue. The video card dying in 2011 MacBook Pro is a well documented issue, one that Apple has thus far ignored. I thought that I might be better taken care of in person, instead it was suggested that maybe I buy a new machine. We have financing options to reduce the impact of the cost. I suppose that’ll help when I have to get it repaired in three years too.

(From another forum)