Few queries on usage scenarios of Android Wear.

I am very impressed by Android wear. Let me tell you it is the second thing from Google that has really impressed me, first thing being amazing Google maps.

i basically see myself using my Android Wear smartwatch in 2 scenarios:

1. My job requires me to travel a lot to unknown destinatons on my two wheeler. Google maps are 99% accurate in the place I live down to street level. Google maps are so important to me that, now I literally cannot imagine getting my work done without it.

For someone like me, the turn by turn navigation commands on watch are godsent. Right now i keep my phone in pocket stop every 1 km and check if I am on the right way& then resume with driving.

The Android wear can be a real value add for me.

So my question is: Is android wear capable of doing this right now? Since it doesnt have GPS chip of its own.

2. The second scenario where I see smartwatch usage is, is at Gym.

Runkeeper and many other fitness apps depend GPS to find out the distance travelled, time taken. Then take into account your weight and then calculate the calories burnt.

What if I dont go jogging at all and work out at Gym?

Android wear can solve this problem by measuring the heart beats and then taking into account the weight of a person and give accurate value of calories burnt. The very fact that, heartbeats can be measured from the wrist as well, makes it very ideal for smartwatch to have this functionality.

Am I dreaming? Or android wear actually does all of that written above? Is my understanding correct? Please let ne know your views on it.