Tegra Note 7, anyone got one?

I was browsing Ebay for tablets the other day, as i do often (im weird i'd rather buy a secondhand one and like it than not be sure and buy a brand new one and waste money) and i stumbled upon the Tegra Note 7.

These things dont seem too bad, 7" IPS Screens (though the resolution is only 1280x800) , 1GB of RAM, Tegra 4 at 1.8Ghz cameras and stuff, an awesome looking back that looks like the one on the OG Nexus 7, oh and theres that stylus.

i wanted to konw if anyone here has one and if you do what you think of it, is it worth getting if i can get one cheap, for a while PC World in the UK did them here at £99 and ive found them around that price on ebay.

And restraining from the standard "Tegra suck! im buying something else" comment would be pretty nice, ive heard theyre way better than all previous tegras and are competitive and i played with a shield a while back and it was blazing fast, so im not worried about the Tegra SoC