Wear Mini Launcher for Android wear

Google’s new OS for Android Wear looks good and there have been a lot of changes done to the UI as well

compared to what custom Android Wear OS used to provide on smart watches like pebble,

but the operating system is not user friendly yet as just to access third party apps installed on Android wear devices,

users have to go through a lot of menus just to get there which can be really frustrating at times

Users have been complaining about this problem and even though Google might be working on it,

a developer came up with his own solution for these user and made Wear Mini Launcher for Android Wear devices.

It’s the first time that we have seen a launcher for Android Wear and it certainly is a brilliant idea for users.

The launcher creates an app drawer on the Android Wear device which will let users save shortcuts of all their installed apps and will be a gesture away from accessing them.

There are a lot of useful apps present on the Google Play Store for Android Wear,

though installing them is easy but accessing them can be really hard and with this useful launcher users won’t have to go through all those unnecessary steps just to launch an app.

User who want to download this mini launcher should go to Google Play Store and type its name. The app is free and after installing it users can access it by swiping on the upper left corner in gesture.

Its Google’s first time to come up with an OS for Android Wear devices and it will take time before

the software is made fully user friendly as Google have with their smartphone

operating system over time and you have seen how many changes Google Android OS has gone through over the couple of years.