I find myself heading straight to the forums nowadays.

I know, not another "tech articles" complaint thread. Nowadays when I reach home there are like 8 new tech articles waiting...most of them tiny boring things like "Uber improves their iPhone app design" so I just head to the forums.

On top of it I don't get these reviews anymore; its like they're reviewing for tech housewives in a lifestyle magazine. For example: a lot of specs are missing from the video (I have to head to another page to see something as simple as the battery size of a phone), they talk about battery-life without saying what exactly they did to discharge said device. Also, I don't get the Verge's timeframe compared to other tech sites. Reviews end in 3-6 minutes and are out in a day or two whereas every other site will take 7- 20 minutes on a laptop and usually get them together later than The verge. Take the Surface Pro 3, One Plus One and Android Wear reviews for example after watching those short clips on three very radical products I didn't feel one bit satisfied with the short demos; especially the Android Wear reviews. Head over to any other tech site and the reviews are minutes longer, show more usage and have more raw data in them. Maybe The Verge is trying to appeal to a broad audience but I think that the some of your readers have a decent "tech IQ" and would like more. Currently I feel as though the forums, not the writing, are why I come here.

On a sidenote I do feel as though some of the longform pieces are still excellent on occasion; like the scalp article for example. It's mainly the day to day reporting and reviews that irk me. Also when looking at guys like MKBHD getting 400, 000 views on a review I don't get why they don't follow formats like that; they have the video production chops already.