Google's Material Design: The Hub For All Android L Apps

I've been noticing that google has already updated many of their apps, as well as many others already working on updates. So I think this thread is a hub strictly for notifying people of apps that have been updated or shown in android L design, to be updated soon. I'll start for the ones I know have been updated. Feel free to add others.

Updated Already

Google Plus

Google Productivity

Coming by the full release in fall. (Notice the notification effect).


Android L Material Contacts


Google Maps


Android L Material Gallery Photos

Google Keep

Android L Material Keep

Hangouts (Rumor)

Android L Material Hangouts

Google Drive

Android L Google Drive Material

Google Calendar

Android L Material Calendar

Google Play Music
Android L Material Play Music

Google Play Store Update (Leaked by Android Police)

Tablet Interface




Phone Interface

wm_2 wm_1 wm_5