60hz vs 120hz for Xbox One Gaming

Hey guys. I'm not a TV expert so I thought I'd seek some feedback. I work at Office Depot and a super nice, Samsung Smart TV just went on clearance. I have browsed forums and found that a lot of people experience image lag/choppiness on next gen consoles if they go with a TV that isn't 120hz.

The TV I am looking at right now is the Samsung UN46EH5300FXZA .


This TV has a frame refresh rate of 120, but it operates at 60hz. Also, it has a gaming setting built in which I have been told "completely prevents any choppiness." I have spoken to several Samsung live chat agents about this today but I'm unsure. What do you all think? Any feedback is appreciated. The deal in my store is smoking hot and I don't want to pass it up, but one the same note the only reason I'm even getting a TV is because I want to get an Xbox One.