I own (and love) the LG Chromebase

About a month ago, to my surprise, my parents have given me the all-in-one Chrome OS desktop that technically isn't available (from Google, that is). It was my graduation gift from them to me for when I go to college alongside my Samsung Chromebook: I use Google Drive heavily so my workplaces need to be in sync and boot quickly. For those who are curious, I will explain my experience with this desktop below.

For starters, the very bright, 21.5-inch, full HD, matte IPS display is amazingly accurate. The keyboard is actually very different from anything I have ever typed on before. The keys are like...elevated chiclet-style keys that are relatively silent even with quite the press. However, the story is not the same when it comes to the mouse shipped with it. It's loud, each click makes the same noise as a pencil breaking in half so there is definitely room for a suggestion for your own mouse from another company. Oh, by the way, both the mouse and keyboard are wired so your work-space is annoyingly tied to the monitor.

Speaking of the monitor/computer housing, you will need a flat-head screwdriver to assemble it to the stand out of the box. The 15 watt speakers aren't all that great, if anything, they're too quiet; I found using the headphone jack creates this high pitched squeaking sound. I have tried three different types of headphones just to make sure it wasn't their fault, but it is the Chromebase's problem.

One software annoyance I have is really only visible when using Chrome on other devices. When in the "Other Devices" tab, Chrome actually treats the LG Chromebase as a Chromebook. As I already do own an actual Chromebook, I wish they would update it so that I do not get confused about which device had which tab open previously.

Other than the lack of 4GB of RAM, there really isn't too much to be unhappy with here. If anyone was curious about this device and has any questions, feel free to ask.