Accuweather is NOT the best Android weather app...

So for their TIMN feature, Dan Seifert did weather apps. And here The Verge says Accuweather Platiunum is the best. I personally have to disagree. I found the information in the Accuweather app seriously lacking, especially compared to the Weather underground (WU) app, which they rate lower. It turned out I owned the Accuweather Platinum already so I checked both out again. The big issue I have is that information in Accuweather is buried way too deeply and navigation is terrible. WU's app on the other hand has dense, useful information. Let's compare.

Accuweather start screen:

WU start screen:

Looking first at the Accuweather start screen, you've got some basic info, but what if you want to see the radar map? It's three taps or swipes. For WU? One tap from the start screen on the small map at the top you see. Let's also look at navigation. The Accuweather app seems to be a pretty poor android port as after you do two of the three taps, if you hit the back button it exits the app. That's just stupid.

More silliness is their dedicated screens for hourly vs daily temperature. WU? Toggle - again from the main screen. It changes the data in the horizontally sliding fragment underneath it. Very good use of screen size, very good use of navigation. WU also allows you to reorder the fragments - so if you want the wundermap higher, you just grab its anchor in the upper right and drag it up. I also prefer the WU map view as you can easily turn on useful layers - radar vs temps, precipitation, satellite, etc. For those of us with an AMOLED screen, WU has a dark theme - wasn't able to find one for Accuweather.

On top of it all? WU was a $1.99 in-app purchase. $1 cheaper. :)