A good portion of sports fans across the globe found themselves sitting in front of a TV yesterday to watch Germany and Argentina duke it out in the World Cup, and artists Teju Cole, Jer Thorp, and Mario Klingemann wanted to make something out of that rare worldwide connection. "Simultaneous spectatorship has been possible for decades," Cole writes on Twitter, "but global social networks have now made it highly visible." Cole asked his followers to tweet photos of their television or computer as they watched the game, tagging the photos with their location, the minute on the game clock, and the hashtag "thetimeofthegame."

The result is the website Time of the Game, a collection of photos from people watching the World Cup across the globe. The site displays 100 photos at a time, all overlaid on top of each other to create a single dreamlike world centered around a television set that's showing the game. That's only the most basic implementation of the site, however. The trio of artists intend to soon allow visitors to sort by location and time, the latter option allowing you to see scenes across the globe at the very same moment on the game clock. As Cole says, the ultimate result will be "a minute-by-minute global record of our watching of the game."