Yahoo Aviate

So ive fallen in love with Aviate launcher, clean design, organized apps, news and weather all integrated into the launcher, i even had the great experience of seeing the weather ahead of time in the launcher and bringing an umbrella with me to class as a precaution from looking at the weather, i was truly smitten when low and behold it did in fact rain at the exact time Aviate had told me. Sadly, as all things in life, its a little rough around the edges. My main gripe with the launcher is lack of ability to resize widgets. I have my calendar on my home screen using up 3/4 of the space. Great to be able to see my appointments right off the bat and not have to scroll down to see more than one day. Aviate will not allow for this unless i let it cover up my whole homescreen. Not leaving any room for a wallpaper, :(. Anyone else digging Aviate?