HBO's Silicon Valley Fans

Long time Verge lurker. I barely comment but I read everything. Anyway, who in New York watched HBO's new show "Silicon Valley".?

If yes, who can relate to it? I do!

The show inspired me to go that route. I am building a team. Does anyone in here has what it takes to be a part of the creation process of a hot new New York startup?

All of our experiences combined can create magic. I'm calling on all the folks working at companies like Google, media and music industry in Manhattan and who want to start something new. Something...disruptive.

I will interview folks this week in Manhattan for the executive positions and pick the best.

Anyone who is interested, hit me up. Send me a private message with your email and your main skill. Have a resume ready, I will reach out to you if I believe you can be an asset.

Currently looking for folks with these backgrounds:

- Technology (iOS/Android coding, Web Design)

- Media (Journalism, Music Industry)

- Content Creation (DP, Editor)

- Communications, Marketing, PR, Graphic Design

- Business