Office 365....on iPad (don't shoot me)

Hey guys, so I have a question to ask about Office 365 and I thought where better to ask than in the Tribe forum. So as you may have gotten from the topic line, I am interested in using my iPad more as a productivity tool. This is going to sound weird but apart from Youtube videos, I don't watch videos/Movies on my iPad nor do I listen to music. The aspect ratio doesn't work for me and I avoid using iTunes to listen to Music and since iOS doesn't really offer an alternative I just don't bother. I use my phone (Nexus 5) for all my music listening needs and if I need to watch videos on the go I use other tablets.

I bought the iPad exclusively to read comics and browse the web (I don't even read magazines on there as I prefer hard copies). However, I slowly started using it to read PDFs for research purposes and I found it so much more efficient than printing binders full of articles and wasting paper. I also write quite a lot, both for work and pleasure. So I bought a bluetooth keyboard and I've been using it with my iPad. It works wonderfully and the small screen doesn't bother me at all, in fact I prefer it for my mobile computing needs. I used a small 10.1 inch netbook/ultrabook for two years in grad school and the size never bothered me.

I've been using Polaris Office and while it works well enough I need something a bit more full featured, but the Office apps on iOS require a 365 subscription. Now, honestly, I decided to ask my question here because I've tried asking for opinions on a Apple forum on other websites and the prevailing sentiment, while politely given, seems to circle around the suggestion to just "just get a Mac Air," which (lol) I really don't want to do.

I have a MacBook Pro at home (received as a gift) that I rarely use. I just can't get used to OS X as my daily work horse. I also don't want to buy another Windows laptop. I have (had) a Zenbook. I used it so little that I gave it to my brother. When I am out I use my iPad and when I am home I will always choose my custom built PC over any laptop. So here's the problem. I have two PCs at home, one in my home office and one in the den and both have Office 2013 and it's been perfectly serviceable for me thus far.

Now, though I really want Office on my iPad I just can't push myself to sign up. If I do, I will choose the Home/Family option so that I could put it on both my PCs and iPad and also on my brother's laptop. For some reason thou I just can't justify the yearly cost. I would ask my friends or colleagues but honestly I know not one person that uses Office 365 (no hyperbole) . So I thought I might as well put the questions to the Tribe: Is the upgrade really worth it? Have any here used it on their iPad? How much does it really interface with One Drive (I pretty much live in DropBox)?

I would appreciate any earnest suggestions/ recommendations. Thanks guys!