Help me choose a new tablet

Hi everybody!

I'd like to buy a new tablet but I still don't know which one. I currently have an Asus Transformer Pad tf300t running cyanogenmod 11 and I love it, but I'd like to have a windows tablet with a digitizer mainly for note taking and being able to write code on it (not anything special, just some basic stuff). I am a Physics student and I work with A LOT of math and going forward I'll be working with more computer-simulated stuff and using pcs to solve problems. I do so using Mathematica and writing c++ programs. I also need Excel for data analysis and such. I read quite a lot of pdfs and I would really like to be able to annotate them using a tablet, so with everything be said I need something that, as mentioned, has a digitizer and a good screen. I am on a budget, max 500 euros, but I don't need something as powerful as a core i5 as I have a notebook for that, I am currently looking at the dell venue 8 pro and the venue 11 pro. Any suggestions? Would an 8 inch screen be enough for note taking?