Google's hatred for Microsoft is because of Bing?

I very much liking what I am seeing from Microsoft and how they are implementing Bing which I think is only logical. Bing in the present cannot just out and out catch Google but the way Microsoft is integrating this property basically across it's platforms is what I think Google is sore about and not wanting to provide apps for wp8. I don't know if Bing will retain it's name or if Cortana replaces Bing but nonetheless Google should not be angry and not be so closed to Microsoft having the no#1 spot in search for such a long time. But the way things are shaping up with Cortana, Google might be seeing the handwriting on the wall for this is a serious challenge to that top spot though it could take time. They can't at least I don't believe they can take Microsoft to court over this because it's not a monopoly they hold the lead and still a sizable one. Cortana is shaping up to be what could be groundbreaking and Microsoft's partners like Dell,HP and others may see sales start to soar.