Are We on the "THRESHOLD" of something great?

We've heard a lot about the upcoming Windows OS which is scheduled to be released Spring 2015, and the more I hear about it the more excited I get. The rumored direction Microsoft seems to be going in sounds awesome, and I began to ask myself if this may really be the best Windows OS releases since XP.

Let's first talk about some things we already know. So Windows Phone & Windows RT will merge into what I am currently calling either the new Windows Mobile or WinGo. This for me is really exciting as a Surface & Windows Phone owner. I can't wait to see what the new full mobile OS is going to look like, and what functions from each current OS are they going to keep. If Microsoft pulls this off along w/ Gemini, I really think they're gonna have a really great mobile OS to appeal to consumers & enterprise.

Now onto some things we are still learning. So Threshold, Windows 9 or what I would love for them to title "Windows One" is going to have some new looks and functions. First, it will be set for the specific device you're using at the time. If you're on a desktop or laptop it will auto-direct to the desktop, but if you're using a hybrid it will allow you to choose what you want your primary focus to be. This sounds great as it seeks to meet the needs of the individual using the OS. Next, Neowin is reporting some serious UI changes to the desktop which "when you see it, there is no confusing it with Windows 7 or Windows 8". (

Aside from modern apps being able to run in the desktop. They will reportedly be "flat with no title bar but minimizing and easy close access is still present." This sounds an awfully lot like the Zune software which is absolutely beautiful, and would give desktop applications a real clean, fresh, new look. Change is good!

Along with these changes the icons on the taskbar are said to be "interactive". It doesn't sound as though they'll go to the extent of live tiles but they will reportedly have a similar "glance-and-go" style functionality. This sounds awesome & I can't wait to see it. Next, Cortana is said to have made her way to the taskbar. I'm really excited to hear this as it is one of the few times in recent history where Microsoft seems to be doing something before its competitors. Neither Siri, Google Now or the newly reported Blackberry Assistant have reached desktops yet.

Lastly, Microsoft is reported to be trying to make the desktop background more interactive as well. Gadgets may be coming back. Microsoft is looking for ways to make the desktop background "a little more useful.

All of this sounds awesome to me, and it makes me look forward to Spring 2015 all the more.

What do you all think?