Tracking wearable


I want to buy some tracking wearable to track my daily motion and I would like to use it during workouts and for running too. I´m looking for something durable, maybe waterproof, and I don´t want to take care for the thing so much, so I would appreciate something a little bit independent which you won't babysit every 30 minutes.

Right now, I´m a little bit shredded between Fit bit and Jawbone and honestly really can´t decide. From what I know, Fit bit suits me a little bit more, but I heard bad things about iOS application and added value of Jawbone still attracts me. Especially food tracking and possibility of scanning barcodes from food, if it works in UK.

So do you have any experience with any or both and can you give me a little advice what works better ar maybe suggest something else? I probably didn´t mention it, but I really care for precise tracking and I definitely don´t want smart watches or anything like that.