Is there true unlimited broadband internet in the US?

Let me start off by saying I'm asking this just out of curiosity. I'm also trying to get student visa for a college in NY so I'm trying to get my expectations right (being a geek myself).

I guess everyone reading this understands what I mean by 'true unlimited internet'. It means no cap on speed or data (download/browsing). Here in Bangladesh, unlimited wireless connection (2G, 3G, and WiMAX) is pretty much non-existent. Either the provider will throttle down the speed or they declare a usage cap (25 GB in my current plan) after which they just disconnect.

Thankfully, broadband internet connections at home and office (mostly wired) are better in this case as they never impose any speed or data cap and they are generally cheaper than the wireless 3G/WiMAX ISPs. My question is, is the situation similar in the US?

I've been to San Francisco and New York last year and I've seen almost all mobile broadband internet services have some sort of data cap (100GB, 250 GB, etc. I can't quite remember). I understand why this is happening and I'm somewhat okay with it.

But when it comes to my work computer (e.g., at home), I do need true unlimited connection for streaming, browsing, viewing HD photos (I'm an amateur photographer myself) and downloading (legit, Steam) games and sometimes uploading YouTube videos.

My question is, does that 'true unlimited' service exist in home broadband connections? Are they wired or wireless? Are they cheaper than the wireless counterparts?

I guess it boils down to this: Is the ISP situation in the US similar to Bangladesh?

(Please do let me know if you're still not sure what I'm asking. Thanks for your answer in advance.)