Project PC screen to TV. Help!


Do you know any way to project my PC screen to a TV through internet?

I have a Sony BRAVIA TV, and I want to project my PC screen to it. Problem is, the TV is in another room, far enough so that it would be unpratical to plug it through HDMI or D-Sub. The television has connection to internet via a Ethernet cable, and can be recognized as a media device in my PC and every other PC in my house.

At first I thought using Windows Media Center, but as I am using Windows 8, I doesn't come by default and I would have to buy it. Researching on internet, though, I didn't find any indication that WMC is capable of projecting the PC screen (I am aware of the media streaming capabilites, but this is not my objective). Does any of you use Windows Media Center and know if it can project the PC screen?

Secondly, I thought of using screen cast through a browser, via, for example, but it is not very responsive, and considering that the TV is inside my home, I thought that maybe there would be a way to do this locally, inside my Homegroup.

So, what is the best way you know to project your PC screen to a TV via Internet? Or else, do you know any good way of doing this by other means, such as WI-FI, Bluetooth, etc?

Thank you in advance.