Microsoft Account Questions

I was derping along yesterday trying to forward my old hotmail (outlook technically) email to my email I use for my Xbox Live account (outlook) and I don't know if anyone else had run into this, but I can't forward Outlook email to another Outlook account. I am trying to streamline email accounts as my email address count was at 5 and I wanted to cut it down, but lo and behold after getting my Outlook email to instead forward to my Gmail, I accidently deleted or got rid of my Xbox Live email, and now my Gmail is my new Xbox Live account email address for some reason, so now my question is,

This all became a problem because I was constantly signing in and out of 2 email accounts to figure out aliases and then in the end I lost an email account because there was no indicator telling me what email I was in. I tried to integrate these two Outlook emails before but it was so damn frustrating. I use OneDrive and my main email was the hotmail address (outlook basically) that was my first email address ever, and my Xbox Live account was a separate email (I don't know why).

But, why does Microsoft make forwarding Outlook emails to another another Outlook forbidden? And why is getting rid of email aliases a no no? I just want to understand, why does Microsoft make integrating Outlook accounts nonexistent?