What Android Wear Can Learn from Pebble

1. Battery life is really important. 3+ days needs to be the minimum.

2. Color screens aren't key to the experience. This is not for watching videos. It's for notifications.

3. Touch screens aren't necessary for easy navigation, especially for Android wear when there's only 1 touch target per page.

4. Sunlight readability is important for many.

I'm most interested in the Moto 360, but I would like to see an e-ink android wear watch like the pebble with simple button navigation and long battery life.


via i.imgur.com

^visual illustration of what I'm talking about

Instead of swiping, click on the edges like an iPod scroll wheel. Press down on the center of the screen for a physical button press to select. That should get more than 3 days of battery life and still retain android wear functionality.

I wonder if any OEM would do this and if Google would allow it.

If not, I hope at least Pebble would do their 2nd smartwatch like this.