Surface demos at MS Store horrible.

Went to MS store the other day to look at the SP 3, and urgh... What the heck MS?

The unit that I had picked up first appeared fine. It was the standard i5 model.
I tried out the new pen in one note and had no problems, then I tried switching to different apps, and ah... I noticed it was acting a little sluggish.
Then swiping across the start screen wasn't doing anything, I tried loading fresh paint and... nothing, just froze for like a minute, then suddenly it loaded up, but was unresponsive.
I couldn't do anything with the tablet.
Sigh... I'm standing there thinking, Is this what I'm looking forward to?

I bring the tablet over to one of the reps and ask her what's up with this tablet and she says Oh that's because it's just a demo. What the does that even mean? Seriously?
The tablet needed to be rebooted.
Because it's a demo with a modified registry and all it needs to do is run some stupid demo video all day when it's not in use, they cant get it to work right. For a $1000 tablet, am I supposed to expect that when I use it at home? It was ridiculous.
Even the rep was telling me that she was disappointed the demo tablets. She said she had to continually reboot machines all day, and think that MS is totally screwing up their image at the store. Just imagine this going on at stores where Reps didn't care to reboot the machines.

For the majority of people with no technical understanding, I think they would simply turn away. And how many have already just from experiences like this?
MS seriously needs to get their act together and get rid of some of the incompetent developers or product testers and get some real users because this is the kind of thing that really hurts their reputation.