With all that cross-device synergy, I present you KDE connect

With all that talk about interoperability between desktop and phones, I always chuckle a bit, because I have kind of enjoyed a lot of it for some time now. Granted not many people can actually use it, but it is there for those of us running KDE.

The KDE connect project has started sometime last year and been developing since, adding some nifty new features. It is a brainchild of Albert Vaca (here is his blog http://albertvaka.wordpress.com/).

All one needs is to have a KDE linux distro and an android phone.

So, what does it do:

  • show remaining battery (and warning when low)
  • clipboard sync - copy on phone, paste on pc, and vice-versa
  • notification sync - see and dismiss notifications from pc
  • multimedia controls (play, pause, stop, seek, adjust volume for players)
  • sms/phone notifications
  • filesystem expose - lets you browse and manipulate files on phone from pc
  • send files - push files both ways
  • mouse remote control

here is an introduction video from year ago :)

I just thought I would share this, to more or less showcase how this can be pretty useful and that there are some great devs, who overtook even Apple and Google in this game :)

I've been using this for almost half an year and although it might not seems so great at first glance, at times it seems almost like a magic.