Quick Comparison of Android Auto vs CarPlay

With watches, TV, preview OS releases and other things being announced, I really wanted to break out how Android Auto differs from CarPlay, just because I have been hearing things all over the place.

Car Manufacturer Line up

The big piece of these Android Auto and CarPlay is simply who is supporting what. Now up front many manufacturers are supporting both. However each does have their exclusives.

These guys are Android Auto exclusive so far:

  1. Acura
  2. Bentley
  3. Infiniti
  4. Maserati
  5. Renault
  6. Seat
  7. Skoda
  8. Volkswagen

And these brands are currently working with only Apple’s CarPlay:

  1. BMW
  2. Citroen
  3. Ferrari
  4. Jaguar-Land Rover
  5. Mercedes-Benz
  6. Peugeot
  7. Toyota

Aftermarket Partners

Android Auto (OAA Members)

  1. Alpine
  2. JVC / Kenwood
  3. LG
  4. Panasonic
  5. Parrot
  6. Symphony Teleca
  7. Pioneer
  8. Harmon
  9. Delphi
  10. Clarion


  1. Pioneer
  2. Alpine


For the most part both the CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces pretty much look the same. This is is probably due to all the standards and regulation around Car dash interfaces that this is the case. Both implementations even give the Apple or Android logo on the phone, disabling function, when they are active.


Android Auto Home
CarPlay Home


Android Auto Maps

Car Play Maps


Android Auto Music

CarPlay Music

Voice Control

Android Auto Voice Control

CarPlay Voice Control apple_carplay_review_ap_02.jpg


Android Auto 3rd Party Apps CarPlay 3rd Party Apps