Why is Microsoft so incompetent?

What Apple and Google seem to have figured out to varying degrees is that to impress people, you have to have all of your services, features and apps on all of the devices and operating systems you produce. The most glaring and obvious hole in Microsoft's ecosystem is the fact that they've apparently cancelled plans for a Google Glass competitor. This wouldn't be such a problem if GG, Oculus, and Augmented Reality wasn't getting so much press. It could be a hit if all of MS's biggest services were on it.

Also, instead of a smartwatch to compete with Android Wear, they're supposedly building a "fitness band" which will track your health. Don't get me wrong, it's still really cool. 11 sensors, works with Android, iPhone and WP, and it's "face" will be on the inside of your wrist. This wouldn't be such a big deal if Android Wear (and probably iWatch) didn't have voice commands, texting, calling, and various other experiences. Again, it could be a huge success with services from MS on it.

Don't even get me started on the fact that:

  • Office isn't on Metro/Modern Windows and Office on WP is sub-par at best
  • Cortana isn't on Xbox, Windows (and face it, she's clunky and unnatural anyways)
  • Skype on WP (and Modern Windows) is abominable
  • Xbox Music, Video, and Games are slow, buggy, and generally lesser than the competition
  • IE still supports the least HTML5 standards of any browser
  • And Bing, especially maps and entity data, continues to trail Google by a huge margin

That's not counting problems like a stagnating mobile platform, a hated desktop OS and search engine, failing console sails, no real TV, Car, Watch, Glasses, Home, etc. systems, and a lost cause for a mobile devices division.

The reason I bulleted the ones above is because fixing those issues is a small, but massively important step to fixing the major issues below that. Apple and Google do let the occasional shortcoming through Beta testing, but they seem to be fewer and further between.

To me it just seems that Microsoft is too incompetent to realize that not putting Cortana, Skype, and other services on things like Glasses and Watches. What'd you guys think?

P.S. I know I'm basing this entirely off of rumors, but please take it seriously and don't just discredit it because it's "not confirmed"

UPDATE: I've heard some things brought up and I wanted to address them to clarify what I'm trying to say

  • MS is an enterprise company with consumer aspirations, and as a consumer, I'm trying to present my thoughts from a consumer POV. If they want my money, they should work to fill every hole of my tech life
  • I'm trying my best not to Fanboy or troll. I'm primarily in the MS ecosystem, and from the inside, the grass does look quite a bit greener on the other side.
  • To better summarize and clear up confusion, MS doesn't seem to understand how consumers buy things. Consumers are (generally) much more compulsive and buy for a wow factor, plus once a consumer is in an ecosystem, it's not hard to get out. Enterprise is MS's specialty, where decisions are more money and IT based, and it takes possibly years to migrate from one ecosystem to another. For example, an enterprise would never buy Google Glass for an entire company, but reliable, never-dying laptops. To gain consumer, they need to understand consumer trends and differences.