Im excited for a lot google has going on.

I was watching the I/O video because i never actually watched it. I just read what was going on through the verge live blog and articles. Well somethings have really caught my eye. I really like the new idea behind material design and the way it is implemented in android. I'm pretty excited to try it on my nexus 4 or the new nexus whenever that is out. Also I am really interested in android wear. I wanted the moto 360 i think it would be really useful and i would use it every day. I think it is better than google glass because it gives the information without having to worry about people straying at you or getting aggressive with you. Also i like how they made everything run on android. It is really interesting how chrome books will be able to run android apps and relay phone messages and calls. Android tv looks interesting with the new updates and my chrome cast is ready for that update.

I see myself this winter with

a new nexus, nexus tablet, moto 360, chrome book, and iMac.

Thats how excited i am. Is anyone else excited about anything coming out?