The Moto 360 won't live up to the hype.

It is incredible the amount of hype there is over the Moto 360, it has to be the most overrated unreleased piece of hardware ever made. In any case, here is a brief summary on why the Moto 360 won't live up to the hype and why it will most likely flop.

Overall design
Seriously, dat black dead zone, it taints the whole look and feel of the 360 and undermines it’s claim of being a premium quality build. The display is also too big (it looks out of proportion in relation to the bands) and also way too thick. It also looks too much like a men’s watch. Also, while Android Wear is made for both round and square faces, the texts on the cards gets either cut off or is too close to the edge on the 360. A detail that screams "unpolished".

Battery life
The MOTOACTV had really poor battery life and if it is anything to go by, we likely won’t see much of an improvement in this area with the Moto 360. Indeed, if the hands on video posted by PhoneArena is any indication, where you can see the watch drop 5% battery in about 3 minutes, the 360 won’t be known for it’s great battery life.

Sunlight visibility
The Moto X, G and E have rather average visibility on sunlight and the MOTOACTV only fared a bit better because of the white on black mode it had. No reason to expect the 360 to be any better here or much of an improvement over the the LG or Samsung smart watches (neither of wich is any good).

Health related sensors
Hint: it doesn’t have them, it has, for example, no heart reate monitor like the Gear Live, and in none of their demos and promotion has Motorola ever mentioned anything health related. That should give you an indication that what we saw demoed on the 360 at I/O is basically all there is to it.

Premium materials such as stainless steel and genuine leather along with the cost of making a round smart watch will land the price well above the LG watch and the Gear Live. Indeed, if recent findings are true, it will cost about €330. Too expensive.

Lastly, the only reason the Moto 360's design is regarded so highly by many is because of how incredibly ugly and clunky devices like the LG Watch and the Gear Live are. In comparission to those, the 360 looks like a "masterpiece". But just wait for manufacturers (Apple in particular) to introduce genuine good looking devices and people will start to see the 360 as the unpolished, oversized and overly thick device it actually is.

The Moto 360 won't be the hit Android Wear needs to succeed. Once you get over the fact that it is round, there is nothing outstanding about it in terms of design or functionallity.