Android L is Now Better than iOS

After seeing Android L and its Material Design, transitions and animations, iOS 7 suddenly became dull and lifeless.

1. Music

Android L looks elegant. iOS 7, from iOS 6's incomparable transitions and elegance became the ugliest and most functional Music player among the OSes out there. Transition from portrait to horizontal mode lost its trail from and to whatever is Now Playing. Try it for yourself and you'll notice that what has Ive done with Music app is ugly.

2. Notes

My 5-year old niece can design that app. What happened to Apple's design team. Have they hired amateur designers from a cheap design school?

3. Voice App

Let us not start with the ugly icon. The UI too is the ugliest. Not-so-Apple-before-Jony.

4. Camera App

Deleting a picture now is like Fading to memory. Even deleting a Reminder list, you'll be greeted with Fade Animation which in my opinion is not so polished. Android L has now a good effect in capturing a picture. I used the word good because iOS is poor and ugly.

5. The blue colored texts across the system reminds me of Internet Explorer 1998 with text links.

Everything is white and super thin lines and super thin fonts. Gone are the beautiful transitions and animations.

Everything is oversimplified and just functional. Even a child can design what Apple has done with most of their built in apps. In short it has become what was Android before.

The sad part is that Android has become what iOS is before Jony Ive.