Material Design likely won't go anywhere soon


As both an iPad & Moto G user it surprises me how little Android devs give a damn about either UX/UI, nor are they willing to spend more than 5 minutes on some actual design work.

Sure, we're starting to see some quality Android apps out there: Fenix, Pocket Casts, Press but Google doesn't give these kind developers the attention they deserve; when it's those developers they actually need the most. Just look at the curation of the Google Play Store compared to Apple's handpicked curation that gets updated every few weeks.

Google needs to stop bragging about the billions of apps they have, when 99% of the apps are either complete sh*t, iOS clones or spam. They should focus on forcing developers to follow the guidelines, just like Apple does. Apple has strict rules about the UX & UI of submitted apps, hence the overall better quality in the App Store and better consumer satisfaction.

Android L itself is miles ahead of iOS in terms of UI imho, but when only a handful of 3rd party developers are going to embrace it, I don't see it going anywhere. Look at how poorly most developers implemented Holo.

The slow adaption rates of OS updates on Android phones are part of the problem. If only the Nexus, and months/years later some flagship devices get the next major update, why would developers rush to update their apps?

Heck, most of the apps in the Play Store are still Froyo/Gingerbread apps, and most of the apps that do have Holo, are very poorly done. I love Android, but come on. Someone at Google seriously needs to address this if they ever want to be taken seriously by UI designers & developers.

tl;dr material design is too ambitious at this moment.