You can now bump Android Wear watches to share your contacts

An Android app, in its recent update added support for Android Wear. As the "What's new" field states in the Play Store:

★Share your contact details by bumping Android watches together!

★ See your incoming texts on your Android Wear watch, reply directly via voice command or snooze it for later

★ See and snooze birthday reminders on your watch as well.

While, I did not have a change to test this feature out and have no clue how it actually works, since I don't own any Android Wear devices, I'm pretty sure that many of you might want to try it.

The Contacts+ app also lets its users make Phone calls, send and recieve messages, and as you might have already guessed, manage contacts. One of other features that made me interested in the Contacts+ app, is its ability to sync your friend's contacts with their facebook, whatsapp, twitter etc. accounts, which obciously adds the picture and other info abbout your friends. It really makes the google dialer look better.

If any of you do try this feature, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Sources: Play Store.