Need Some Serious Advice on My Gaming Future

I am stuck. I have an Xbox 360 and I enjoy it, I really do. But as time wears on, I realize I want have as much fun on it as I used too (The really awesome games are next gen). So that's leaves me with options as to what I want to do for my gaming future, so here are my options:

1.) Trade in Xbox 360 for Xbox One and try to enjoy it

2.) Trade in Xbox 360 or sell and pocket cash and forget the whole console gaming thing

3.) Sell Xbox 360 and get into Android gaming, with Android TV, quite a few OEM's are making plans for Android Consoles and with a few heavy Android games under my belt I would have a headstart already.

4.) Sell Xbox 360 and go portable console only (get a PS Vita, PSP, or a Nintendo 3DS XL).

So far I am really interested in option 4 as I am getting tired of spending a lot of money on games I don't get to play that often or don't get the chance to play. Or games that are so damn easy I am mad I spent as much as I did, as a matter of fact the only games I haven't gone 100% is WatchDogs and Just Cause and that's because they are large open world games. I don't know, I just know I am reluctant to shell out hundreds to get a new generation console.

But, this is why I am bringing this to the forums, as I really need to hear others opinions on it.