Am I understanding the scroll lag debate correctly?

I have an iPad Mini and a Moto G. The Mini isn't particularly new kit, but the SoC in the G isn't much faster, especially per-core which is what should matter for this (I only see one core activated when doing nothing but scrolling, using micro CPU graph).

If I put my finger on a word in a paragraph in the web browser on the Moto G, and then scroll up or down at a moderate pace (not the crazy finger flying the moronic video demonstrations of this try to do), I can watch that word I put my finger on float behind my finger by an inch before catching up. This is what I understand the infamous "android scroll lag" to be. However if I do the same on the same web page on the iPad Mini, I see the exact same effect, so am I misunderstanding what I'm supposed to be looking for?

And then there's also the scroll jank discussion, and again I notice it on both, if the Mini is downloading something in the background especially it has all the jank of the G doing the same thing. If nothing is happening in the background, both seem good to me.